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Omniscient Psychology English Over the last thirty years, man has developed a greater awareness of his psychical nature. Using his intellect, he has carried out extended scientific studies in an attempt to elucidate the workings of the psyche. Unfortunately, he has yet to succeed. One must understand that an intellectual study of psychical awareness will not produce a true understanding of its functional makeup. To understand the workings of his mind, man would need a spiritual knowledge of himself and of the cosmos.

Presently, man only has a relative knowledge of the mental and physical planes. This knowledge cannot lead him to an accurate understanding of himself and the universe, but can only produce personal, mental and intellectual confusion, which will deeply disturb his psychical, physical bodies and its material life.
Nowadays, psychotherapy does not offer a definitive cure to those who use it. Therapists themselves are under the power of this dual psychical consciousness, meaning that they are unable to ascertain correctly its function and analyze it in its totality. If men wanted to know the actual workings of their consciousness, they would have to achieve an inner transcendence of their dualistic psychical awareness.
This attainment would allow them to rejoin the omniscient Superior Consciousness located in the cortex of the brain. Unfortunately, this Superior Consciousness will remain obscured from man’s sight as long as he is subjugated by this dualistic consciousness, or ego (almost all men are under the relative power of this consciousness).

And now, mankind is experiencing serious mental problems with increasing frequency. The traditional methods of psychotherapy can no longer provide the help required to restore a general balance, because it is impossible to transmute the psychical structure of the unconscious without using the real power of the Superior Consciousness.

Thanks to my studies of High Theology, of psychology, to my research work and to my achievement of the Higher Self within me (nullification of the power of duality), I am in a position to describe omniscient psychotherapy. I am capable of defining more clearly the real structure of the ego and, above all, the role that the (psychical) unconscious plays in human behavior.
Let me now briefly explain to you that the consciousness of the ego is divided into two main parts, the conscious and the unconscious.

The first is positive and the latter is negative. But, in accordance with the plan of creation, the creative power of the unconscious is stronger than the will of the conscious, which means that humans have absolutely no difficulty in expressing the selfish and concupiscent propensities of the ego, thus destabilizing their psychical balance. In reality, the unconscious is a creative consciousness which has no power of discrimination, but does has a power of deduction. This autonomous consciousness does not differentiate between the positive and the negative. It triggers feelings in people (pleasure, doubt, fear, suffering, sadness, etc) and produces actions according to what humans have constructed in their psychical structures. And this explains why we see all this psychological trouble afflicting all of mankind.
You must understand that the unconscious is the executor of destiny. All men express the contents of their positive and negative destinies. In spite of the discriminating will of their consciousness, they are subjected by their Karma, and suffer psychical and physical disorders.

The only way to escape from this psychical ailment is to undergo omniscient psychotherapy. But today, only an infinitely small number of persons have achieved their transcendence (i.e., attaining their higher selves), which means that very few people are in a position to provide effective help to mankind. By undergoing self-analysis via their supra-consciousness (the transcendental plane), men will free themselves from the slavery of evil.

Why Omniscient Psychotherapy?

What difference is there between omniscient psychotherapy and traditional psychotherapy?

The difference between omniscient psychotherapy and traditional psychotherapy is actually extremely important to mankind, because one comes from the Superior plane of the consciousness of the omniscient Holy Spirit and the other comes from the inferior plane, the dualistic consciousness of the ego (ignorance)
To understand this, one must first realize that man lives within a universal consciousness, divided into seven dimensions, or seven states of consciousness.

At the core of this spherical consciousness, there are two spheres that themselves contain three states of consciousness. One is all-knowing, the other is limited and ignorant. These two spheres are separated by a neutral state of consciousness. The first sphere belongs to the omniscient consciousness of the Universal Holy Spirit, the world of perfection and of the power over the consciousness of the ego. The second sphere represents the atomic consciousness of the ego, subjected to the cosmic law of duality (cause and effect) and relativity, causing man to be unaware of his true nature.
Therefore, omniscient psychotherapy is based on a true knowledge of the Self (the Higher Self), whereas traditional psychotherapy is based on an unreal knowledge of the self (the relative consciousness of good and evil), meaning that humans can neither be effective nor capable of freeing themselves from their enslavement to the laws of cause and effect (duality) and relativity (ignorance).

Can one be trained in omniscient psychotherapy?

The practice of omniscient psychotherapy is a divine revelation which can be acquired by following advanced studies on the Mysteries of Creation. Within himself, man can follow two paths to learning: The inner path, connected to the omniscient consciousness of the Holy Spirit and the outer path, representing intellectual knowledge of the relative consciousness of the visible world (the ego).
As long as man remains within the atomic sphere of the consciousness of the ego, he will only be able to learn through the path that is outside of him. His knowledge will be limited to the physical, mental and intellectual planes. He will be incapable of analyzing himself correctly or of understanding the dissonance that reigns within him and in the universe.

To receive the teaching through the inner path, one must be called upon by the omniscient consciousness of the Holy Spirit (the Superior Consciousness), or be taught by a person who has achieved his transcendence. To nullify the power of duality, we must learn to renounce this consciousness. This is how we will rejoin the sphere of the Higher Consciousness, which will reveal to us the true knowledge of ourselves and of the universe. It will be through this unique knowledge that man will be able to solve all his problems and truly help his fellow men.

So, if I understand you correctly, one must have received a divine revelation in order to practice omniscient psychotherapy?

Yes, we must learn to recover the omniscient consciousness of God within us by studying the Mysteries of Creation. People who were trained in traditional psychotherapy will be totally incapable of practicing omniscient psychotherapy. Just like their patients, these doctors are under the power of duality and unable to truly know themselves. To practice omniscient psychotherapy, one must have achieved one’s transcendence and own the key to true knowledge of the self.

Is it necessary to believe in God to undergo omniscient psychotherapy?

To undergo omniscient psychotherapy, one must not necessarily believe in God, but remain open to the quest for the Perfect Self, and deeply wish to free oneself from the enslavement to suffering and to the limitations of duality and relativity.

What results have you achieved with your students or patients?

Using omniscient psychotherapy, I have been able to help with various problems, such as illnesses, mental disorders, tobacco addiction, alcoholism, couples breaking up, personal failure, privation, etc. If students apply the teachings of omniscient psychotherapy correctly, they will quickly see very positive changes.
For what reasons do you recommend omniscient psychotherapy over traditional psychotherapy?
I would recommend omniscient psychotherapy over traditional psychotherapy for the following reason: omniscient psychotherapy can liberate the individual from his enslavement to the dualistic consciousness, the source of all of our ailments, whereas traditional psychotherapy locks the individual into making constant attempts to balance his dualistic consciousness, often to disastrous consequences.

What is the greatest problem in the world?

The lack of love.

There is no true love between beings. Everyone is asking for love, but no one can give it as long as we haven’t rejoined the sphere of the omniscient consciousness of the Holy Spirit within ourselves.
Without this love, which is our tie to perfection and to the achievement of our Higher Selves, we will remain condemned to live lives marked by trials and tribulations.



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